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Drop In Machine Optimization

Drop In Machine Optimization


In the world of manufacturing, unnecessary downtime can cost a company thousands of dollars. When a valued JR customer came to us after experiencing this debilitating problem on one of their machines, we knew we had to work fast to work out the problem and ensure their machine was operating at its highest efficiency. With the help of JR’s Software Integration Team, we could do just that.


Our team generated analytical data that helped analyze the machine’s faults and downtime. The software collected the data and created graphs and visualizations to determine the usage of the machine in a different light. With this new evaluation, the company’s team could find commonalities between faults, leading to the discovery of root causes of machine failures. After the fixes were made, the company could more efficiently use the machine and decrease costly downtime.

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After already experiencing enough downtime with the machine’s faults, the company wanted a way to analyze the data without disrupting production. By working remotely, our team could work with the customer and help them “drop” the software over the existing PLC. This was accomplished without stopping the line or altering any PLC code, saving resources and reducing risk.
Drop In Software Analyzes Machine Performance Without Stopping or Missing a Beat
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Our Software Integration Team was able to optimize a machine with unknown downtime by creating a drop in data analysis software. With this new capability, the company could discover and analyze common failures and decrease the downtime, all while avoiding a lengthy and costly shutdown.
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