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Copier Tube Processing Machine

Copier Tube Processing Equipment


The challenge was to concept, design, and build a system to process copier tubes faster and with higher quality results. The work had be done in not only a cleanroom, but also an explosion-proof environment due to hazardous chemicals.


Copier tubes are delivered to the processing system, where a robot picks three tubes at a time in an operator-defined pattern and places them onto a fixture. When 24 tubes have been placed onto the fixture, the conveyor moves the fixture into the cleaner system.

After exiting the cleaner system, a robot removes the tubes from the fixture. The robot adjusts the centerline spacing to 75mm and places the tubes onto the conveyor pallet. A camera vision system checks for proper tube placement before releasing the pallet inside the cleanroom.

The conveyor transports the full pallets through tube-coating and edge-wiping process stations within the cleanroom. The modular components are designed and constructed for Class 100 cleanroom use and for a Class 1 Division 1 explosion-proof environment. Approximately 50 variables in the coating and cleaning processes define critical speeds, times, and accelerations of the multi-segmented profiles.

outcomes and benefits

The system is capable of normal operation with only one person periodically feeding raw product at infeed, and unloading the finished product at the exit. All of the customer’s criteria were met, including cycle speed and yield, within a Class 100 cleanroom and a Class 1 Division 1 explosion-proof environment.
New System Processes Copier Tubes More Quickly and with Higher Quality Results
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