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Laminated PV Panels

Cooling and Trimming Laminated PV Panels


Robotic integration was used to automate the process of cooling and trimming warm laminated photovoltaic (PV) panels. The system had to be able to accommodate panels with varying length and width.


Two robot cells serviced panels from a single laminate curing oven.

The robot end-effector featured two different work surfaces. The top side of the forked gripper had a rubberized surface. Because the laminate panel was still warm, it could warp. The top side surface was used to cradle the panel for transfer to the cooling rack. The bottom side featured vacuum cups to securely maneuver cooled panels in front of the vertically oriented trim head.

The trim head system featured automatic blade exchange, sourced from a magazine. The magazine was in the robot cell to accommodate refills without stopping cell operation. Sensors were utilized to identify the position of the edges of the laminate. During trimming operations, the robot moved the panel against the stationary blade.

outcomes and benefits

Automatic accommodation of different panel sizes, Dual purpose end-effector, Custom designed trim head with automatic blade exchange, Shared excess materials shredder, Cycle rate of 75 parts per hour between the two robot cells
Two Robot Cells Work Together to Cool and Trim PV Panels
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