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Catheter processing system

Catheter Processing System


Our customer needed a system to punch/ burn the drainage eyes and trim the funnels of latex catheters. The dial tooling had to handle all part sizes with minimum changeover, and be quick and easy to load. The catheters came in a range of sizes from about ⅛” to around ½”. The machine had to punch properly aligned holes in latex that were the same size and shape every time, with smooth edges. The funnels had to be trimmed, leaving clean smooth edges.


The dial tooling was designed with spring-loaded ball bearings to handle the variety of catheter sizes. Existing punches were used to punch the holes. A die set like fixture was designed to hold the punches and provide a means to get rid of the small latex slugs. The drainage holes had to be burned one at a time, which required two stations. The iron temperature had to be kept constant; therefore, an infrared temperature meter with feedback to the temperature controller was used. A high-pressure water blast was used to clean any buildup off the irons. Fumes and a black residue from the burn process also had to be removed. Funnels were trimmed using a guillotine type cutter that would trim the funnels and contain the scrap until the guillotine blade was at the end of its travel. Finished catheters were automatically removed from the dial fixture and placed on a table near the operator station.

outcomes and benefits

The Catheter Processing System met all of the customer’s requirements for speed, uniformity, and quality with the flexibility needed to run many different products. System performance achieved cycle rates of 2 seconds.
Precise Machine Meets Requirements for Speed, Uniformity, Quality for Various Part Types
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