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cabinet face frame assembly cell

Cabinet Face Frame Assembly Cell


Our customer needed a cell that could assemble face frames without using manual labor. The JR team came up with an innovative solution by automating a highly complex process that, in this case, had never been done before.


The JR team integrated the newest software technology on the market to develop a dual robotic cell to assemble face frames to eliminate manual labor.

A process with this level of flexibility has never been automated before. Utilizing emerging software technology, this cell can create any combination of any part type within the tolerances and parameters of wood type and total size.

There is no changeover necessary between part types, saving valuable time for the customer. Not only is this process efficient, the glue application is precise and only applies the exact amount necessary, consistently conserving glue.

Overall, this process is very intuitive; the robots are taught flexible paths and insert, move, fasten and re-grip according to the software data. Even the dual robot team reflects the motions of an actual artisan. After the successful application of this assembly solution, JR created a strong business relationship that led to future work for the company.

outcomes and benefits

Eliminates the physical effects of high stress manual labor, Consistently flush joints from inconsistent parts, Low cost and low friction table surface, Hundreds of part combinations, Adaptive screw control, Clean cell for working, One-piece flow, Flexible
First of Its Kind: Dual Robot Cell Carves Cabinets

A video of JR Automation's cabinet face frame assembly machine
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From the client
"The first of its kind, the Cabinet Face Frame Assembly Cell is opening a new door to the industry."
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