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Brake Valve Assembly and Test Line

Brake Valve Assembly and Test Systems


A customer needed our JR team to produce anti-lock brake cartridge valves at a high speed, over 1000 good parts per hour net rate, yet with a system flexible enough to re-tool later for product design changes.


The solution is the high-speed modular power and free assembly system, called Fast Flex. The standard base modules are self-contained units with their own controls, integral guarding, and individually powered two meter sections of Montech conveyor, mounted on a heavy-duty machine base. The module is configured with a servo-driven pick and place for maximum flexibility and speed. A touch screen monitor serves as the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and provides run time information for that station or any other node on the network. Cells can be added, swapped, removed, or even moved to other lines. The 24-module system pictured above was originally built for Holland but has been re-configured and moved to Germany. Each module performs a process or series of processes in the assembly sequence, including laser welding, testing, and final assembly of several different types of ABS cartridges.

outcomes and benefits

There are over 129 Fast Flex modules installed worldwide. Allen Bradley’s Softlogix controls add a wide range of motion control and data collection functionality. The standardization of the modules allows for shorter delivery times and lower cost machines due to reduced engineering time, yet the flexibility of the modules enables them to be used in most assembly applications.
Flexible Design Leads to Worldwide Use
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