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Bottle Liner Test Stand


Disposable plastic baby bottle liners are popular in the consumer market. Flat-design plastic bottle liners captured this market first, but were hard to use. PBM Plastics perfected the current design, a one-piece pre-formed tube liner with a rigid rim that rests on top of the bottle. PBM Plastics needed a high-volume machine to test the tube liners for complete 100% no-leak no-fail accuracy.


The solution uses high voltage electricity to test thirty bottle liners at a six second cycle rate. One pneumatic cylinder moves the grounded base up to the conveyor from below while another pneumatic cylinder extends the electrode inserts into the liners from above. The tester applies high DC voltage potential across the electrodes, detects any arcs (evidence of a leaking liner), and identifies the leak to a specific defective bottle liner. The tester finds not only holes but also thin areas in the liners that are prone to failure.
After testing, the bottle liners index to the reject position, where an offload pick and place removes any failed liners. At the final location, the stacker position, good liners are placed into stacks by the pick and place. When the count equals the expected result, the stacker collar for that location releases the stack to the exit conveyor. Expected results are 10 or 25 per stack, but this number can be changed as needed.

outcomes and benefits

The Bottle Liner Test Stand project met and surpassed the customer’s expectations in two ways – accuracy and volume. The machine provides PBM with a 100% no-leak no-fail test for the high volume of bottle liners needed to win and keep their new superstore customer. Flexibility of liner stacking numbers, computer product tracking, and test data storage are additional pluses.
Test Stand Checks All Baby Bottle Liners for Leaks
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