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A JR Automation customer needed a system that could load inline blood filters at a rate fast enough to keep up with an existing vacuum-form packaging machine and with precise orientation for the different parts. Quick tooling changeover was a priority. There were also strict FDA cleanliness guidelines and a tight budget.


The vacuum-form packaging machine produced a five by five matrix of pockets. Vibratory feeders with multiple tracks moved filters into an escapement where a pick and place with a five-up end-effector picked and placed the filters into one-half of the pockets. Another feeder and pick and place were located on the other side and downstream to meet the lightning-speed cycle time needed. The solution involved a collaboration with a bowl feeder company and an innovative use of microprocessor-driven programmable set of high speed pick and place units.

outcomes and benefits

Speed was a critical issue, and the resulting pick and place devices were designed for a cycle time of 1.2 seconds. The system handled 250 filters a minute, over a long stroke, and with the proper orientation. As needed, tooling was interchangeable for the nine different configurations of filters. JR Automation was the only company that met the stringent budget requirements, as well as the strict FDA cleanliness guidelines.
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