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Automotive Door Gasket Machine

Automotive Door Gasket


The objective was to create a machine with the capability to heat-form a rubber extrusion used on the rear door of an extended cab truck. The team based their solution on an eight-station rotary dial concept with a cycle rate of 90 seconds.


The machine was built on an eight-position indexer with a dial of approximately 10 feet in diameter. Dial tooling at each station consisted of dual mandrels with profile clamps and slides mounted to perform the forming operation. Three heating stations, a bender, and three cooling stations took up seven of the eight positions on the indexer.
An operator manually loaded uniform rubber extrusion profiles into the dial tooling. The extrusion was indexed through three heating stations. The extrusion was automatically stretched around the mandrels at the next three stations, while being cooled. The completed extrusion is then unloaded by the operator.

outcomes and benefits

• (3) heating stations
• (1) bender
• (3) cooling stations
• (1) operator load/unload station
• Cycle rate of 90 seconds
Eight-Station Dial Forms Rubber Extrusions for Truck Doors
Technical Capabilities
Dispense Applications Plastics Processing
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