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Automated Roller Bottle Transfer System

Automated Roller Bottle Transfer System


The customer was in need of a better system involving the transferring of bottles containing special patented fluid used in cancer drugs. JR's challenge was to design and build a new system that could operate without operator assistance and without damage to the bottles or the bottle contents. The bottles had to be transferred without any splashing of the liquid inside the bottle onto the cap. The Automated Roller Bottle System (ARBS) Transfer System moves bottles to and from two identical warm rooms at the customer’s facility


The system layout consists of 5 racks with a total of 10 modules in each. Each module contains 12 belts with 25 tiers of bottles. Each room is connected to the rest of the facility by 2 conveyor systems that service the product flow into and out of the racks. The conveyor extension and drive system is integrated into the existing 2-level main track conveyor with incoming product on the bottom level and outgoing product on the upper level.
The team made the largest system impact on the front end. Incoming bottles are diverted from the main track conveyor and travel to the ramp conveyor, where the bottle translator is located. The bottle translator moves the bottles into the “up-ender” where they are individually rotated from a vertical to a near-horizontal position. The bottle translator replaces their existing system, which had a high failure rate.

outcomes and benefits

• Much gentler handling of the bottles at a significantly higher speed
• No splash at a significantly higher speed
• Incidence of damaged bottles is low
New System Significantly Increases Speeds While Handling Product More Gently
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