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Automated Gel Dispensing System


A customer asked JR to design and build a gel dispensing system that assembles and dispenses silicone gel into terminal blocks used in the telecommunications industry. The machine assembles both legged and non-legged inserts into driver modules, fills the driver modules with silicone gel, degasses and cures the gel, tests the parts for fill level and gel hardness, and inserts the parts into a plastic slide tube.


At Station 1, after the inserts are assembled into the modules, a robot places the module assemblies into the transport pallet on the conveyor. The parts travel on a pallet with a custom fixture to accurately locate and seal the modules to permit gel to be dispensed into the driver modules. At Station 2, approximately one-half of the total volume of gel is dispensed into the driver module. Station 3 stacks the pallets six high to provide enough resistance time in the vacuum chamber where the gel is degassed. The pallets are then un-stacked and placed back on the conveyor for further processing.
At Station 4, the remainder of the silicon sealant needed to fill the module is dispensed. Station 5 restacks the pallets and the gel is degassed. The stack of pallets is indexed through a curing oven and a cooling chamber and then is un-stacked at Station 6. Station 7 removes the modules from the pallet, performs QC tests on the gel, and packages the modules in temporary storage tubes.

outcomes and benefits

The Quality Controls tests verify:
• Tests for 100% fill level
• Random 1 in 50 gel hardness test
Solution Dispenses and Tests Gel Modules for Terminal Blocks
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