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Automated barcode system machine

Automated Barcode System


The JR team needed to create a barcode applicator, test, and packaging machine to replace multiple manual machines. The solution required exceptional speed control for handling multiple part types, and needed to increase the overall speed of the process from (1) to (6) parts per second, depending on part size and shape.


Our high capacity, low labor solution begins with a large, centrifugally fed bowl with adjustable speeds and adjustable and interchangeable tooling, capable of feeding an unlimited number of part types within a specific size range.

Next, the parts run on a conveyor past a barcode applicator and barcode reader, and on to the accumulation areas.
Using two accumulation areas allows high speed part production without backup—the line never has to stop.
Finally, the machine counts and packages the parts into boxes at specified quantities.
A customized visual basic HMI, set on a PC with a Microsoft database, controls all machine settings.
The end result is a fully flexible, easily controlled, fast and efficient machine, capable of processing (6) parts per second.

outcomes and benefits

Higher capacity with less labor, Easy automated control of machine settings, Economical processing for multiple part types
The Trifecta: Higher Speed, Higher Capacity, and Less Work
Ecommerce & Packaging
Technical Capabilities
Material Handling Solutions Software & Data Integration
From the client
"The end result is a fully flexible, easily controlled, fast and efficient machine, capable of processing six parts per second."
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