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Archive CD Disk Assembly System

Archive CD Disk Assembly


Our customer requested that JR design and build a system to automate the process of assembling IBM compact disks for computer data.


The Archive CD Disk Assembly system consists of a cell containing three robots that prepare and handle the various CD components.
The components are two disk halves separated by two spacers. A specified amount of UV curable adhesive is dispensed evenly around each disk. Two spacers are positioned onto the adhesive at the rim and at the center of the assembly. The components are pressed evenly to avoid stressing the disk. The disk is passed through a UV cure oven, then adhesive is applied to the spacer surfaces and the second disk is placed onto the assembly. The assembly is passed through a second UV cure oven cycle, and is then placed into an edge finisher supplied by the customer. The bar codes of each disk are read, and the assembly is then placed into a slot of the offload cassette to be transported for further processing. The disk ID numbers, the cassette ID number, and the position of the assembly within the cassette are reported to a PC based acquisition system.

outcomes and benefits

  • Automated assembly and curing process.
Three Robots Cooperate to Assemble CD Disks
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