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The customer's current assembly technology was no longer sufficient. In order to accommodate new part designs and increase the speed and quality of production, JR designed and built an enhanced precision fuel injector assembly system. Each injector consisted of almost twenty small parts. The challenge was taking existing assembly technology and enhancing that to accommodate new configurations required by a European auto manufacturer. External dimensions, internal components assembly, and performance specifications were changes that the manufacturer sought from the team’s new design.


The Air Assist Assembly consisted of a precision indexing dial platform surrounded by incoming component feed systems, with robotic palletized offload. The assembly system utilized an acute vision system, high precision pressing operations, cold forming, and O-ring insertion. Verification checks were done throughout the assembly process. A dynamic performance test was performed on each fuel injector before robotic offload. At the completion of the performance test, good injectors were ID marked. Data from the verification checks and final performance test was collected by the team and stored on a server provided by the customer.

outcomes and benefits

Complete fuel injector assemblies were produced at the rate of twenty per minute. Since the project met all the customer’s requirements, they were very satisfied with this high-speed precision assembly system and have since given the company many more projects.
High-Speed Fuel Inject Assembly Redesign Leads to Repeat Business
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