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660 Switch Assembly System


A JR customer needed a machine to assemble flip switches. JR designed and built the 660 Switch Assembly System, which assembles and tests residential and mobile home light switches at a rate of 45 parts per minute.


The 660 Switch Assembly System is divided into four main zones:
  • Terminal Assembly
  • AMI
  • Precision Link Conveyor
  • Ground Strap Assembly
The assembly equipment consists of five major sub-assembly cells, each functioning to accomplish “milestone” stages of the 660 switch assembly. Each up-stream cell operates at a slightly faster rate than the adjoining downstream assembly cell to prevent starving the downstream cell. The five sub-assembly cells are:
  • AMI rotary dial assembly machine – Assembles the body, push springs, bumpers, and toggle spring    
  • Dorner accumulating conveyor – Accumulates parts going to the next cell    
  • Terminal rotary dial – Assembles screws to terminals, stakes the end of the screw to prevent backing out    
  • Dorner loop conveyor – Places terminal assemblies onto pucks that travel on a conveyor, delivering them to the AMI cell for insertion into the body    
  • Camco precision link indexer – Completes the remaining component assembly and testing before offloading for packaging

outcomes and benefits

• Cycle rate of 45 parts per minute
Light Switches Roll Off This Efficient Assembly System
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