Get to Know JR Automation France

Posted: January 5, 2024

Our team has over 2,000 talented employees who are spread out between 21 locations around the United States, Singapore, and France! Each location has its own set of capabilities, unique aspects or specialty areas, and people that make them stand out from the other JR Automation locations.  

Get to know more about the skills and capabilities that the team at JR Automation France uses to create innovative solutions for our customers. 

Key Facts about JR Automation France 

Where: Besançon and Valence. 

Who: 127 innovative team members.

Manufacturing space: 34,500 sq. ft. of production space across both locations.

France building shot

Capabilities of the Team in France

The team at JR Automation in France takes great pride in their long-term partnership with the automotive industry in Europe. With over three decades of experience in designing automation solutions for the assembly of powertrain and other automotive components, their expertise is unparalleled. Additionally, the team in France extends their automation solutions beyond the automotive sector to encompass the consumer goods and life sciences industries. 

Just like our other locations, the team in France has successfully developed unique and innovative solutions that cater to the specific requirements of the industry., They have created the fastest press fit unit on the market, the most reliable conveyor, and an MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) solution to closely monitor line performances with a single produced unit. 

France capabilities


As the automotive industry has evolved, the team in France has stayed at the forefront with the development of automation solutions for EV mobility including assembly of module, batteries, fuel cells, electrical motors, and other components. Furthermore, the team has developed high-speed systems for assembly applications in the consumer goods and medical industries. Their history in watchmaking and micromechanics assemblies has fostered a remarkable knowledge of high-speed, high-precision assemblies.  

Other capabilities include: 

  • Material strain (crimping, riveting, clinching, heading, making the rating) 
  • Tightening 
  • Welding 
  • Leak tests 
  • 2D and 3D vision systems 
  • Glue/silicone dispensing 
  • Welding (laser, electrical, friction) 
  • Stubbing 
  • Assembly line robotics 
  • Marking 
  • Palletization at end of line 
  • Packaging 

JR Automation France’s Commitment to the Planet and Community 

Besançon France team


Similar to other JR Automation locations, the team in France actively engages in routine team meetings and enjoyable activities. They partake in festive team gatherings during holidays and attend companywide meetings to ensure a cohesive understanding of ongoing projects and initiatives across the entire organization. 

As the organization places a higher priority on sustainability, the team in France is taking action to ensure a greener future for all. 

“JR Automation France is investing in the technologies that focus on addressing sustainability goals including clean energy, industry innovation and good health and well-being,” said Louis Merienne, sales director for JR Automation France. “Through these technologies, JR Automation France is successfully helping with the decarbonization and autonomy of European manufacturing.” 

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