Get to Know JR Automation Utah

Posted: December 1, 2023

Our team has over 2,000 talented employees spread out between 21 locations around the United States, Singapore, and France! Each location has its own set of capabilities, unique aspects or specialty areas, and people that make them stand out from the other JR Automation locations.  

Get a closer look at our team at JR Automation Utah. 

Key Facts about Utah 

Where: Ogden, Utah.  

Who: 100 uniquely skilled staff members.  

Manufacturing: 160,000 sq. ft. of production space between two buildings. 


Special Capabilities of Our Utah Team  

The JR Automation Utah team has special capabilities in the amusement and defense industries. These are the only facilities in JR Automation that work on projects in the amusement industry. While all locations at JR Automation work on projects for the defense industry, there is a higher focus in this area at our Utah facilities because of their unique capabilities and experience. 

In addition to defense and amusement projects, the Utah team also executes automation projects in the automotive, logistics and e-commerce industries.  

Outdoor Activities Bring the Team Together 

Like other facilities, team members at our Utah facilities participate in seasonal get togethers and other group outings. Due to their proximity to numerous biking and hiking trails, the Utah team is very active outdoors. They enjoy bonding over mountain biking, lunchtime walks, and outdoor competition. 

Biking Group 

Ogden, Utah is the gateway to outdoor adventure! This led to the formation of a biking group. This group of about 22 members get together 1-2 times a month to go biking, alternating between road rides and mountain rides. This summer, members of the group took a 24-mile ride in the Peterson-Morgan area up Weber Canyon! Their most recent excursion took the group along the Brim Trail and Powder Mountain. 










Home Automation Club 

In addition to outdoor activities, there is a team of home electronics hobbyists who get together every other week to talk about home automation. This group asks questions such as “Have you ever wanted your blinds and lights to change and your TV to turn on when you enter the TV room?” or “Have you ever wanted to change the timing of your thermostat temperature based on a calendar of your work schedule?” 

“All these things are not only possible, but quite easy with the technology that exists today and for not very much money,” said Doug Reynolds, Mechanical Engineering Manager, and founder of the group. "I've been dabbling in this world for about 10 years now and it has never been simpler or cheaper to achieve the Bill Gates mansion effects in your house.” 

Additionally, knowledge and insights are shared throughout the group of hobbyists. 

Team Commitments to JR Automation Values 


In support of the JR Automation talented teams core value, Utah team members participate in the JR Automation internship program. In the summer of 2023 seven interns joined the team including four mechanical engineers, two controls engineers, and one application engineer.  
Aaron Jarrett, a Senior Mechanical Engineer, worked with interns on a special project of building two test carts that will help make testing faster and easier.  

“The interns did phenomenal work, and they should be proud of their accomplishments,” Jarrett said. “We sure are!” 
In support of our local commitments core value, team members at the Ogden, UT facilities partner with a local homeless shelter, the Ogden Rescue Mission, to donate and serve meals to people in need.  

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