Project Management Considerations When Choosing an Automation Integrator

Posted: October 18, 2023

Project management is a key aspect of any automation project. Not only does it help a project team operate more efficiently but can help get a project across the finish line on budget and on time. 

But how do you know if you have found the right integrator to partner with for your automation project? Consider the following aspects when determining if an integrator is right for you.  

Their Approach to Project Management

Demonstration and Communication 

An integrator with a strong repeatable system should be able to easily demonstrate and communicate their complete process. The process needs to include planned customer interaction points for input throughout the process. Having interaction points prevents surprises and gives all team members input into the final product.  

As the customer, you should never wonder what will happen next or worry that your voice will not be heard. 

Materials Management 

Materials management is a critical piece to the success of any project. As technology changes, the magnitude of materials required increases exponentially.  

At JR Automation we often say, "We can't build it if we don’t have it.” A project manager’s ability to track and monitor incoming materials is critical to project success. A good project manager should be able to report a status update with a moment's notice. 

Consistency in Open Issues Process 

The execution of the open issues process needs to be consistent. This process, if executed well, minimizes the opportunity for things to be missed and keeps everyone on the team informed. 

Change Management Plan  

Project change management doesn’t get talked about enough. Most projects are market bid and awarded based on market pricing. Changes after the project started is another story. The cost of changes can become a point of contention if the process isn’t discussed ahead of time.  

A good project management program should be consistent, transparent and explainable when it comes to impacting cost or timing. Review the process and cost structure associated with it before requesting scope changes. This will eliminate surprises after the project is in process. 



The best vendor-customer relationships are built on solid chemistry. Good chemistry creates a level of comfort that allows for easy communication and ultimately leads to a more successful project for both parties. 

Knows the Tiny Details 

The best project management teams will strive to learn the intimacies of your personality, team, and systems. A project management program that is designed to make it easier for you is an important quality to look for. 

An Extension of Your Team  

A well-run project management team should make you feel like they are an extension of your own team. Each member needs to be concerned about everyone's success, as one team member cannot be successful without the others. When managed correctly, it should feel like you are plugged into the project even when not present. 


Genuine transparent relationships keep each party from wondering about the intentions of the other. At the end of the day, a better, more cost-effective product is produced when everyone is honest and on the same page.  

A Strong Relationship  

Nobody's systems are perfect. However, it is proven that even the most difficult projects can be successful when both the customer and project manager have a solid relationship and genuine concern for each other's success. 

The Bottom Line

There are many things to consider when selecting the right integration partner for you. Using these considerations when looking at their approach to project management can help you feel confident in your decision! 

Learn more about the JR Automation Project Execution Process and our approach to project management.