Get to Know the Team at JR Automation Singapore

Posted: October 16, 2023

Our team has over 2,000 talented employees who are spread out between 21 locations around the United States, Singapore, and France. Each location has its own set of capabilities, unique aspects or specialty areas, and people that make them stand out from the other JR Automation locations. 

Take a closer look at our Singapore facility and the talented team of people who work there!  

About the JR Automation Facility in Singapore 

Where: Singapore 
Who: 117 skilled team members  
Facility Size:  28,500 sq. ft. of manufacturing floor space 




Unique Experiences Drive Innovation


Team members at our Singapore facility value safety (like our company as a whole!) and enjoy using innovative technologies to improve the solutions they create for customer projects. 

While depth and breadth of automation experience is vast, there is unique experience and knowledge in the following industries: 

  • Consumer electronic
  • Medical devices
  • Semiconductors


The team also has a wide range of experience in high-precision, high-speed, and high-flexibility projects. Some recent projects the JR Automation Singapore team has worked on include: 

  • Over 30+ wafer attachment machines of up to 2.5 µm (micron) at 60 ppm (parts per minute). 
  • High-speed assembly and inspection machines running up to 500 ppm (parts per minute) using continuous motion platform.
  • Designed machines to handle multiple product variants using linear/flexible conveyance platform.
  • Developed more than 130 intelligent inline buffer systems that meet various production conditions. 

The Culture at the Singapore Facility 


Throughout the year, the team in Singapore holds all-staff meetings to share company goals and performance. The team also hosts a safety day every year to ensure all team members are trained in keeping everyone safe at work. 
In addition to all-staff work events, the team takes time away from the office to celebrate and get to know each other. Some of their get- togethers include a group dinner to celebrate the Chinese New Year (in January or February), and hosting family movie nights or bowling.

As a company, it is important for us to invest in communities where our facilities exist. Like all our locations, Singapore is invested in supporting their community. One thing they do each year to give back is participate in the Hitachi Christmas Light Up Event that involves community work and donations. As part of this program, the Singapore team builds a wheelchair for an elderly person in need of mobility.   




With decades of automation experience, we are positioned to help you with your next automation project. Schedule a tour today to learn more about JR Automation in Singapore or another of our locations.