Get to Know JR Automation's Fab and Machining Facility

Posted: September 8, 2023

Our team has over 2,000 talented employees who are spread out between 21 locations around the United States, Singapore, and France! Each location has its own set of capabilities, unique aspects or specialty areas, and people that make them stand out from the other JR Automation locations.  

Get an insider’s look at our Fab and Machining facility and the people who make things happen!  

About JR Automation’s Fab and Machining Facility 

Where: 64th Street in Holland, MI   

Who: 86 talented employees 

When: After a fire at our Tyler Street Complex in 2022, Fab and Machining moved to its new/current location which offered the team expanded space to work on projects and an investment into advanced machining equipment.  

Manufacturing space: 100,000 sq. ft. of space exclusively dedicated to fabrication and machining work.   

What the Team is Capable of 

Our fabrication and machining team works as a support function for the rest of the company. Instead of working on specific customer projects, they provide needed parts or services for projects at any location. Some of their fabrication capabilities include tubular frames, end of arm tools, C frames, robot risers and I beam structures.

“The team processes many different types of parts for all kinds of projects JR Automation is working on,” said Ryan Miller, Fabrication & Machining Operations Manager. “It is important for us to have capabilities to rescue projects when they are in need. Our team has always been, and will continue being, the support function for JR Automation no matter what the need.” 

A few other capabilities of our fabrication and machining facility include:   
  • Welding 
  • Drilling 
  • Sandblasting 
  • Milling 
  • Plasma cutting 
  • Laser cutting  
  • Painting

“The team goes above and beyond providing 24/7 support to ensure projects can be successful,” said Miller. “Recently we took part in cryogenic machining, freezing rubber and machining it. We also worked on some R&D by machining the inside of 20ft poles on our boring mill. On the fabrication side we are now much more capable of creating larger and heavier fabrications with 20-ton cranes at our fingertips.” 


New Fabrication Machinery 

Getting the equipment and machinery for the Fab and Machining facility was a huge commitment that the team felt was important to best serve our customers.  

Some of the new equipment to Fab and Machining includes:  

  • Mazak EZ 20 machines
  • Hurco VMX 42 machine  
  • Hurco VMX 50 machine 
  • Hurco 24 machines
  • Hurco 42 machines 
  • Mazak 570 machines
  • Multicam CNC router  
  • Hurco 5 Axis machines
  • Hurco 84 machines
  • Mazak 30c machine
  • Mazak Integrex 5 Axis Lathe
  • Mazak Mazatrol QT 250 Lathe 
  • Trak TRL 1630 RX Lathe
  • Paint Booths: Holland has two. One can paint an item that is 13 feet tall, 11 feet wide and 24 feet long! 
  • 6 Fabrication Weld Bays  
  • Skat Blast 970-DLX Abrasive Blast Cabinet
  • Knee mills  
  • Axis mills
  • CNC lathes  

Keeping the Team Engaged and Learning

Helping our team members feel valued and engaged in their roles is a top priority. JR Automation works hard to provide training and mentorship opportunities to encourage a more fulfilling career for our employees.  

The team at our Fab and Machining facility work closely together to share knowledge through teaching, coaching, mentoring, and learning. This team of critical thinkers' program and machine parts to meet tolerance demands. It is crucial that they work together to accomplish any task put in front of them. Their focus is on safety, quality, and maintaining costs to help our customer projects be more successful.