3 Ways Automation Can Impact Your Warehouse

Posted: August 21, 2023

Robot removing box from storage in warehouse.


Logistics and warehousing saw a significant increase in usage of automation after the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. Due to labor shortages and the need to be socially distant, as well as increased demand for goods, automation became more prevalent to streamline processes and take over repetitive tasks where there was not enough labor to handle. 

Here are three considerations for a more efficient and productive warehouse.  

Widget/Product and Packaging Process

Packaging is a crucial part of getting your product out the door.  

End-of-line packaging utilizes automation to complete packaging operations (product placement into boxes, sealing boxes, container inspection, adding labels to boxes). It is an essential aspect of the process to get products into customers' hands, run your business operations more efficiently, increase throughput, offset labor shortages, and ultimately save you money.  

Automated Palletizing, Depalletizing and Mixed Sku Palletization 

In logistics and warehousing, palletizing, depalletizing and mixed sku palletizing is an important piece of the pie. Robotic palletizers and depalletizers efficiently automate manual and time-intensive tasks within manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment applications. As demand increases, for faster production and accurate fulfillment, depalletizer, palletizer, and mixed sku automated solutions have become indispensable. 

Value Add Engineering and Build-to-Print Capabilities 

Build-to-print services take your manufacturing machine specifications, CAD models and BOM’s (bill of materials) and provide you with a detailed assembly process. This process makes it easy to build multiple units in succession allowing you to ramp up capabilities quickly to respond to increased demand. Build-to-print equipment is beneficial to your company as it allows for the replication of an existing tried and true machine or process. Additionally, partnering with the right automation integrator can take your equipment to the next level. Value-add engineering assumes a collaborative engineering approach to enhance your original machine specifications to improve performance. 

We know integrating automation into your business can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Our experience in material handling across a range of industries and applications helps us partner with you to develop innovative and customized solutions that optimize your warehouse environment. 

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