10 Robot Maintenance Tips

Posted: August 14, 2023

Now that you’ve made the investment to bring automation into your production environment, it is important to establish a maintenance plan. Basic and preventative maintenance helps your robot be as efficient and effective as possible. Robots help eliminate production downtime and equipment failure and improve product quality. Not having a routine maintenance plan goes against why your company brought in automation in the first place.  

10 Tips for Maintaining Your Robot

  1. Grease joints and gears.
  2. Clean the robot's arms and base. 
  3. Clean vents and cooling fans; replace filters if needed. 
  4. Check for defective seals or grease/oil leakage. 
  5. Clean sensors and light curtains. 
  6. Check and tighten bolts.
  7. Check the gearbox for the oil level. 
  8. Test the brake(s) out on the robot. 
  9. Replace battery regularly. 
  10. Watch the robot in motion (check repeatability and inspect harness and cables). 
10 robot maintenance tips infographic



Do you have questions about robot maintenance, or do you need help establishing a maintenance plan? Contact our team of experts today for more information on how we can partner with you on your journey.